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Arrow Season 8 – Series Finale – Wtf Moments!


Arrow Season 8 | Arrow season 8 episode 10 was the final episode of the CW’s long-running Arrow series. Since its debut in 2012, the Arrow show has introduced a ton of superheroes such as Black Canary, Atom, Mr. Terrific, and The Flash.

arrow final episode

And now there are plenty of successful shows in the Arrowverse such as The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Batwoman, and Black Lightning. And this year, the CW network is also going to introduce new tv shows such as Green Arrow and the Canaries, Superman & Lois, and Stargirl.

There were a lot of surprises and easter eggs in the final episode of Arrow. The episode was titled ‘Fadeout’ and down below is the list of all the Wtf moments from the series finale episode.

Deathstroke’s Cameo


They do a bunch of different flashbacks during the episode and the first one opens with Starling city 2014. During the events, when Deathstroke was killing Oliver’s mother in season 2 of Arrow but we find out that this is a flashback to Earth Prime’s history in 2014. And this time Oliver used a pocket knife to free himself and save his mother.

Emerald Archer Documentary

moira queen

They do a new version of the Emerald Archer documentary. They did that in the last season where they had a documentary titled the ‘Emerald Archer’ that was also the name of that episode. And we also find out that Moira Queen Oliver’s mother knows that she died in the previous timeline.

They also show flashbacks especially during the documentary – the other big crossovers in previous seasons just referencing the events of Oliver’s life and for the most part, everything went down similarly.

In this version of Earth prime’s reality, Oliver brought back a couple of people that died in previous timelines. We also find out about the other people that Oliver brought back to life in the new timeline when they get to the end of the episode at the funeral.

Future of Other Characters of Arrow

arrow characters

Everyone comes back to the arrow cave and drinks Oliver’s vodka and this is the vodka that Oliver kept stashed ever since season 1. They use this scene to reference what all the other main characters are going to do.

Roy proposes to Thea and she says yes, Renee is going to become mayor, Dinah is going to become the new police chief and Lila accepted a promotion in Metropolis so Diggle is moving their family to Metropolis with her.

The Flashbacks

The most impactful flashback would probably be the very first episode in the very first season, him going back to the raft watching his father kill himself is them showing you the moments that provide the logic for why Oliver did the things he did.

Why didn’t Oliver bring Robert Queen back to life with everyone else well as they speculate during the episode is because Oliver couldn’t change things that would fundamentally change his timeline preventing him from becoming the hero that he became and for that to happen, he needed to watch his father die on that raft.

All the cameos of other characters from previous seasons

They had Oliver’s funeral and there were a bunch of cameos including Tommy Merlyn, Talia, and Nyssa al Ghul, Felicity meets adult Mia for the first time, and Barry comes back to attend the funeral.

They even brought back Ragman and he explains earlier in the episodes that it just took a while for his rags to heal to regain their magical properties and he has been acting as a vigilante on his own ever since.

John Diggle becomes the Green Lantern

john diggle green lantern

As he’s getting ready to pack up and drive off there’s a spacecraft that crash lands right next to him and he grabs a box, opens it up and a green light from a Green Lantern Corps ring shines on him. The spaceship even looks a little bit like Abin Sur’s spaceship from the Green Lantern movie. We didn’t get to see him suit up but it might happen in the upcoming Superman and Lois tv show.

The Final scene of Arrow Season 8 Episode 10 ‘Fadeout’

arrow last scene

They also pay off that final scene of Felicity going with the Monitor at the end of season 7 and we never really found out what happened to her or where she went. We find out that it was her going into the afterlife to be with Oliver and there is no returning from here.

The Afterlife scene was a recreation of a moment that Oliver and Felicity had during Arrow season 1 inside his mother’s office where they’re both wearing their clothes from season 1 when they first met. We also see the scene of the flashback that they did in season 3 where Oliver saw her at an earlier point in the timeline and it’s just that she didn’t remember meeting him until the IT department during an arrow season 1.

So these were all the surprising moments of the final episode of Arrow and I must say the final episode was great and they gave a proper send off to the character.


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