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Batman Suit First Look: Robert Pattinson in Batsuit!


Batman Suit First Look: Robert Pattinson in Bat suit | On February 14 Matt Reeves posted the camera test video of Robert Pattinson sporting the Bat suit on his twitter account and after taking a look at the video the public went crazy and the video trended no. 1 on twitter for hours.

So everyone knew that The Batman had started production last month and many set photos were leaked online. Many speculated that this month we might get our first look at Robert Pattinson in the bat suit. And on 14th February Matt Reeves revealed the camera test video of the bat suit.

The Batman suit Breakdown

There are a lot of interesting details to see in this video and it’s not a full-on body shot but this is undoubtedly a unique take on the bat suit. First, you can see that the bat logo looks different like it is made up of metal. Some comic book fans suggest that the logo on his chest is made up of the gun that was used to kill Bruce Wayne’s parents.

Second, the suit looks exactly like the one Batman wore in Arkham Origins except for the logo on his chest. You do not get to see the complete look of the suit and because of the red lighting they used, you can not see the correct colors of the bat suit. It was rumored that Matt Reeves might take a 90’s approach to the colors which were blue and grey.

The suit also has a collar which is a new addition to the bat suit. The suit had the similar collar we saw in 2018’s Batman: Gotham By Gaslight. You also get to hear the theme song of the movie which is composed by Michael Giacchino.

Reports suggest that the story will take place after Bruce Wayne becomes Batman and it will focus on the detective side of him. The Batman will release in theaters on 25th June 2021.


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