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Crisis on Infinite Earths WTF Moments!


There were a lot of cameos and a ton pack of easter eggs in crisis on infinite earths parts one, two and three. Careful with spoilers on the off chance that you haven’t seen all the three episodes of the first part of the crossover.

1. Alexander Knox cameo

We start with Earth-89 which was the reference to batman 1989 movie, and they also play that theme song of batman from that movie. And then Robert Wuhl who played Alexander Knox in that movie appears to be reading a newspaper with the headline “Batman captures Joker”.

2. The Titans Cameo

After that, we go to Earth-9 San Francisco, which ends up being the Titans’ appearance with Jason Todd aka Robin and Hawk.

3. Earth-X Ray’s cameo

Then we go to Earth-X which was last seen in crisis on Earth-X crossover event which happened a couple of years ago, and then we saw Ray flying in the sky.

4. Robin from 1966 Batman cameo

Then, we go to Earth-66 Gotham city for the Batman 1966 TV series, and we see Burt Ward looking at the red sky and doing his famous Robin type of dialog.

5. Green Arrow Dies

At the very end of the episode, when everyone was fighting the shadow demons the monitor came and teleported everyone back to the ship, but when he was going to teleport Oliver, he refused to go without saving everyone and shot the monitor down and died fighting the shadow demons alone.

6. Leonard Snart back as an AI of wave rider

In episode 2 of the crossover, we go to Earth-74 for the wave rider and we find that AI of this wave rider is another version of Leonard Snart instead of Gideon.

7. Monitor tells about the seven paragons

We find out who most of the paragons are during this episode. Supergirl is the paragon of hope. Sara is the paragon of destiny. Batwoman ends up being the paragon of courage.

8. Lex Luther’s appearance

Lex Luthor also makes an appearance during the episode and steals the book of destiny to go and kill all the supermen of different universes.

9. Kevin Conroy’s cameo

We go to Earth-99 Gotham city to find the paragon of courage. We get a little bit of backstory of what happened to this version of Batman. He started killing his enemies became the dark version of Batman.

10. Tom Welling and Erica Durance cameo

We also go to Earth-167 Smallville with Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman and Lois to meet Tom Welling’s Superman, to recruit him, but then Lex Luthor shows up and sends Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman and Lois back from where they came and Luthor finds out that this version of Superman gave up his powers to live like a human with his family. Then Luthor leaves him and goes back.

11. Brandon Routh’s Kingdome come version of Superman

Then we go to Earth-96 Metropolis to find out that on this earth, Brandon Routh is the superman who has lost everyone he loved and worked with and then Lex Luthor shows up and with the help of a book of destiny tries to kill Tyler Hoechlin’s superman by controlling Brandon Routh’s Superman.

12. Oliver comes back to life

With the help of the Lazarus pit Mia, Sara, Barry, and Constantine try to bring back Oliver back to life. They bring back Oliver’s body, but fail to bring back his soul.

13. Anti Monitor revealed

At the end of the second episode of the crisis, we see Lyla teleporting to a place that looks like another version of Star labs where we finally get to see the Anti Monitor.

14.Birds of Prey cameo

The third episode starts with Earth-203 New Gotham, where we see Huntress of 2003’s Birds of Prey TV show. She was speaking to Oracle on the comms when her earth got destroyed.

15. The final three paragons revealed

Ray Palmer builds a device to detect the paragons and when it’s finished we get to know that Barry is the paragon of love, Martian Manhunter is the paragon of honor and Ryan Choi (a scientist from Earth-1) is the paragon of humanity.

16. Anti Monitor’s plan

Lyla explains the Anti Monitor’s plan of destroying all the universes and creating one anti-matter universe, so that the Anti Monitor would be very powerful.

17. Cisco finds the source of the Anti-matter-wave

The source of the anti-matter-wave happens to be near star labs where Nash Wells was trying to get into. When they go inside they find that the Anti monitor has been using Earth-90’s Barry Allen to power up his device.

18. Tom Ellis’s cameo

In search of Oliver’s soul Constantine, Mia and Diggle go to Earth-666 to find Lucifer Morningstar. He gives Constantine a card that can help them get into purgatory to find Oliver.

19. Black Lightning arrives

The Pariah goes and brings Black Lightning to help them stop the machine. Last night in Black lightning’s ninth episode we saw that his earth was destroyed by the anti-matter-wave and just before that Black Lightning disappears from his earth.

20. Flash dies

Earth 90’s flash sacrifices himself to stop the antimatter machine by stealing Earth-1’s flash speed temporarily.

21. Oliver becomes The Spectre

Mia, Diggle, and John find Oliver in purgatory but then Jim Corrigan walks up and says that in another life he used to be a police officer but then he became the Spectre and now its Oliver’s turn to be the new Spectre and Oliver agrees.

22. Lyla kills the Monitor

At the end of the episode, we see Lyla coming back to the wave rider but she is mind-controlled by the anti monitor and kills the monitor just like in the comics.

Just two episodes are left and the crisis will continue on January 14, 2020, with the first episode of Legends of Tomorrow following the second episode which will be of Arrow. The crisis of Infinite earths has been a fascinating interpretation of the comics of the same name and by its vibe, it’s going to be enormous.

In search of Oliver’s soul Constantine, Mia and Diggle go to Earth-666 to find Lucifer Morningstar. He gives Constantine a card that can help them get into purgatory to find Oliver.


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