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HBO Max is developing a Blue Beetle series!


HBO Max is reportedly developing a Blue Beetle live-action TV series. Blue Beetle is a comic book character that has been published by several American comic books in the 1950s but from 1983 the rights to this character have been owned by DC Comics. Since then, Blue Beetle has appeared in several comic books including the “Justice League Unlimited” issues.


Blue Beetle Origin Story

The first Blue Beetle was created by Fox Comics and his name was Dan Garrett. He gained his superhuman abilities from a special vitamin. Then the second Blue Beetle was created by Charlton Comics which was later taken over by DC comics.

Blue Beetle first appearance in the DC universe was on the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event. Then later he appeared in his solo issue. Ted Kord the second Blue Beetle never actually had any superpowers but he used his scientific knowledge to create several types of equipment that helped him fight crime. He became a member of The Justice League of America but later his character was killed off in the Infinite Crisis crossover event.

The third Blue Beetle was solely created by DC comics and his name was Jaime Reyes. He was a teenager who found a battle suit that helped him fight crime. Later he became a key member in The Teen Titans comic book issues.

From that time Blue Beetle has appeared in several animated shows and video games like Batman: The Brave and The Bold, Young Justice, Justice League Action, Infinite Crisis, Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and Injustice 2.

There was also a rumor in 2018 that a Blue Beetle & Booster Gold movie was in development but no solid information was revealed. And now it has been reported that a live-action Blue Beetle tv series is in development for HBO Max. HBO Max is also developing The Green Lantern and Strange Adventures tv series that will probably release in 2021.


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