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Justice League Dark


Justice League Dark | So I’m not sure if you guys remember but there was a rumor a couple of months ago about JJ Abrams directing either a Superman movie or a Green Lantern movie for Warner Brothers. The rumor was that he didn’t know which one he was gonna choose and we were waiting for more information.

justice league dark
Justice League Dark

We know that earlier this year JJ Abrams and bad robot inked a huge deal with Warner Brothers to bring their talent over there and start working for Warner Brothers exclusively a lot of rumors have pointed towards a potential DC collaboration and now we have some official news from the Deadline.

So we know that for many years Warner Brothers have tried to do something with Justice League dark and now it looks like that the project is going to JJ Abrams and Bad Robot Productions. In case you guys want to read the entire thing you can click here.

The sources are reporting that this would not just be for a Justice League dark film instead Bad Robot would be taking on multiple projects including films based on these characters as well as TV series.

Warner Brothers have been trying to do something with these characters from the early 2010s. Most recently The Swamp Thing series that was on DC Universe streaming service was actually meant as a sort of a launching pad for many of these characters that were gonna be seen in the series to potentially spin off into other live-action characters.

Spectre was rumored to be in some sort of stage of development and was going to appear in Swamp Thing but nothing happened. A smaller production budget for some of these will be something that’s mandated by Warner Brothers, just like the Joker and birds of prey.

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