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Marvel Phase 4: The Eternals Comic Book Origins!


The Eternals will be the second MCU Phase 4 movie and will release this year on 6th November 2020. The film is directed by Chloe Zhao and features an enormous cast including Anjelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan, Kumail Nanjiani, Lauren Ridloff, Brian Tyree Henry, Lia McHugh, Kit Harrington, Don Lee, and Barry Keoghan.

the eternals
The Eternals

If you’re not aware The Eternals will be one of the movies kicking off phase four of the MCU. We even have stranger things star, Millie Bobby Brown and Tomb Raider herself Angelina Jolie attached to be a part of the movie.

The big question is who are the Eternals? Much like the guardians of the galaxy before they had a popular film franchise not many people knew who they were and what they’re all about.

The Eternals first appeared in “The Eternals” issue #1 in July of 1976. They were created by Jack Kirby and he was the sole creator of the characters writing and illustrating their first volume of stories. The Eternals are an evolutionary offshoot of the human race who live on earth and possess superpowers.

They also have an eternal lifespan hence the name Eternals. They first came into existence millions upon millions of years ago when the Celestials (an ancient race of cosmic gods) went to earth and performed genetic experiments on the life-forms.

The Celestials are responsible for mankind’s potential to gain superhuman powers in the Marvel Universe. They are also responsible for creating multiple other races and life-forms in the universe like the scrolls.

the celestials
The Celestials

The Eternals issue #1 states that it all began with the coming of the gods to earth when it was populated only by the beasts. Still, it was the presence of life which drew these cosmic beings to this planet. The Celestials trapped a specimen and took it alive to experiment on.

Once they began experimenting on the ape, the ape was given the cosmic chemistry that would father the races to come and because of this the evolutionary process was changed and the dawn ape became the common ancestor to three powerful new species.

First, we have “The deviance” an ever-changing and destructive failure that is structurally unstable. Each new generation of The Deviance appears in new and monstrous ways and they are all about constant war.

Second, we have “The Humans” a species bred with true balance, structure, and disposition. The human was capable of building for peace and was destined to inherit the earth.

And Third, we have “The Eternals” were more of a child of the gods than of the earth as he reached for the universe. The Eternals bred few and were immune to time and death like the gods and they lived apart from all other living beings.

The humans took over the majority of the earth, The Eternals took to the highest mountaintops. They probe the universe with their minds and soon developed superpowers which surpassed those of all other life on Earth. The Deviance took to the Earth’s inner depths where they were constantly figuring out how to create new weapons.

Now let’s talk about the powers of The Eternals. Their cells contain cosmic energy which they can blast through their eyes and hands and they are also able to maintain constant mental control over every molecule in their body that means they are literally in control of every aspect of their being down to their own molecules.

They are virtually immortal and they could be restored back to life even if their molecules in their bodies were scattered across the earth. They are just a little bit more advanced than humans. They also possess the abilities of super-strength, flight, telepathy, illusion, teleportation, and transmutation of organic and inorganic matter and they can create force fields and have accelerated healing.

This was the complete origin story of The Eternals. As of now, we don’t have any details about the story aspects of the movie. The Eternals movie is scheduled to be released in theatres on 6th November 2020.


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