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Netflix’s The Witcher movie announcement!


Netflix’s The Witcher | Netflix’s Live-action The Witcher series has been a massive hit and recently they have confirmed that they are currently working on an anime movie based on The Witcher franchise.

Netflix The Witcher

The Witcher Netflix movie is called the nightmare of the wolf. The wolf that they’re referring to in the title is Geralt. The people that make the Witcher Netflix series are making a tie-in anime movie that’s going to crossover with the events of the show and probably be released before season 2.

The big announcement they made about the animation studio that Netflix partnered with is Studio Mir. This is the studio that was created by some of the people who worked on the original Avatar The Last Airbender series.

The Witcher nightmare of the wolf official synopsis for the movie is the world of The Witcher expands in this anime film that explores a powerful new threat facing the continent.

It doesn’t tell you a lot about what the plot is going to be but when they speak of expanding the world of The Witcher with Geralt facing a powerful new threat it sounds like they’re adapting a story that’s not completely told in the books and it also sounds like a prequel story.

The Witcher Netflix Season 2 won’t release till at least a spring next year maybe summer it’s going to take them a little over a year to finish the episodes so The Witcher Netflix anime movie nightmare of the wolf is meant to fill that gap so I’m expecting them to release it at the very end of this year.

Currently, it’s unclear that Henry Cavill, Freya Allen, Anya Chalotra will reprise their roles in the upcoming Witcher anime film but we can hope to hear more news soon. The reports suggest that we might see the film before The Witcher 2 season drops next year.


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