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Roy Harper, Wally West, & Barbar Gordon are coming to Titans season 3


Roy Harper, Wally West, and Barbara Gordon coming to Titans season 3 | Titans was renewed last year and now we have some news about the list of all the characters that are going to be in the third season.

Wally West, Roy Harper, Blue Beetle, Miss Martian in Titans Season 3

Titans are returning for season three and we have quite a few important characters that have been confirmed by one of the directors and producers on the show. There is no confirmation though whether it will also bounce onto the likes of HBO max but it will release on the DC Universe streaming service in the fall of 2020.

One of the guys that work on Titans show updated his own personal Instagram story and has the season 3 logo but if you look right there you can see some pretty notable characters coming to season 3.

Wally West aka the flash or Kid Flash, Roy Harper, Blue Beetle, and Miss Martian might make their appearance in the Titans season 3. The last season has been mainly focused on dick abandoning the Robin mantle and going in a different direction. The main highlight of the show was Esai Morales’ portrayal of Deathstroke.

Barbara Gordon/Oracle aka Batgirl in Titans Season 3

It has been confirmed by a very reliable source that Barbara Gordon is, in fact, coming to Titans season 3. Previously it was rumored that Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl was going to have a movie and with this adaptation, Warner Brothers can really test the viability of the character before the film.

DC is really good with track records when it comes to TV shows and it has been reported that they are currently looking to cast someone that is in a wheelchair which of course would be the character of Oracle.

Involving her like this would obviously give her and Dick Grayson some history and they will probably deal with some of their relationships.

Titans Season 3 is expected to start shooting soon and it looks like they will release the show in the fall of 2020 as per their schedule.


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