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First Official look at the new Batmobile!


Matt Reeves just revealed a first official look at the new Batmobile and a full look at the new Batman suit. We got the final look at the real version of the Batman suit a couple of weeks ago, and we got that Batman teaser that Matt Reeves released calling it a camera test of his costume with a red lighting background.

Then they released the official look at the Bat motorcycle because they were getting ready to film in the cemetery which we saw in another teaser of them filming on set with the Batman motorcycle, but that was the stunt man wearing a version of the costume that had not been modified up with special effects, color correction or any kind-of post-production work.

All these images in the previews of the Batmobile and Batman underneath this bridge this is what the actual movie is going to look like they’re using the cameras and the sort of the look of the movie as it’s going to appear during the film just confirming the neo-noir detective thriller vibe that they’ve been talking about the tone of the film.

This is meant to be a version of the Batmobile that Batman creates from a real car. This looks just like the 1970’s Batmobile that was also an American muscle car.

Recently a Riddler scene from the Batman movie was leaked a week or two ago. This new scene of the Batman movie that leaked out was one of the Riddler’s victims sitting in a chair all tied up wrapped in bloody bandages with a sign hanging on him with a big question mark in the blood that read no more lies.

The Batman trailer should arrive later this year in December, but there might be some smaller teasers before then. The Batman will release in theaters on 25 June 2021.


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