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Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot movie | Comic book Origins Explained!


Vin Diesel’s upcoming movie | Bloodshot is an upcoming comic book movie based on the character of the same name published by Valiant Comics. This movie stars Vin Diesel as Raymond Garrison aka Bloodshot and is scheduled to be released in theatres on 13 March 2020.

vin diesel bloodshot
Vin Diesel | Bloodshot

This article is for those who don’t know the comic book origin story of Bloodshot. He originally made his appearance in Valiant Comics back in like 1992 with eternal warrior issue number four.

Bloodshot was a guy named Angelo who was a mobster working his way up the ranks and ultimately fell in love with the daughter of his direct boss. The result of this was that when the two of them had a pretty good relationship ultimately Angelo cheated and when he did, his boss tried to have him killed.

He somehow survived and became the state’s witness and then while he was being transported by the FBI, some of those guys were on the payroll of his boss and had him shipped off to Japan where he became a part of project rising spirit.

This was a super-secret government organization that was based out of Japan and they wanted to influence the world and created all different kinds of weapons to do it and one of those things was something called the Blood of heroes.

The Blood of Heroes was an ID infused substance that would be infused into somebody’s blood and then, in turn, offer them things like healing factors and so forth enhanced abilities different things along those lines.

After the entire process was undertaken by Angelo, he didn’t know who he was and so what ended up happening his project rising spirit started flooding his mind with false memories.

They would give him false memories of a life where he had a wife that died and told him the name of the person that killed her. When that mission was done, Bloodshot would be brought back and his mind would be wiped. And a new memory would be installed and then he’d be sent out on another mission again.

Bloodshot was crazily successful because he fulfilled the notion of what an antihero could be and so far as he was a guy who didn’t know what his identity was. He was a guy who did some really bad things and then once he broke free of project rising spirit, he went out to do his own thing.

Rising spirit tried to create more duplicates of Bloodshot but they failed in duplicating the Blood of Heroes formula. This led to them, trying to send some half-measures after him and all of them were defeated.

The first trailer of Bloodshot showed us that the movie is highly inspired by the source material and I hope the movie to be great as its source. Bloodshot will release on 13 March 2020.


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