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Watchmen Episode – 7 | Top WTF moments


From the debut of HBO’s Watchmen this fall, this show has been very interesting and it gets even more in the latest episode named “An almost religious awe” which finally shows us where Dr. Manhattan was all this time and how he connects to the main storyline in this season of watchmen.

The first scene of the episode

The episode takes off with a narrative about Dr. Manhattan’s life, his origin story and a couple of clasps from the Vietnam war. What’s more, from that point onward, we get the origin story of sister night vigilante name, Angela Abar took. Sisters night was a film that Angela was not permitted to watch because his father believed that people should be afraid of masked people.

Laurie goes to chief’s house

Afterward in the episode, Laurie goes to visit the chief’s widow and discloses to her the of cyclops (the racist cult in the 1940s) the grand conspiracy that her husband might be a part of, and the chief’s wife completely come clean and traps her in the most hilarious way possible.

Flashbacks of Angela’s past

We get a few flashbacks during the entire episode which shows us the youth of Angela and it helps us to understand why she wanted to be a cop and how badass she was as a child.

Lady Trieu reveals tells the truth about her daughter

In a conversation scene with Angela, Lady Trieu drops a bomb about her daughter “Oh she’s not my daughter she is my mother I cloned her and took her memories and I’m slowly reintegrating them into her I’m so close to fulfilling my greatest accomplishment and I want my parents there with me”.

Ozymandias’s Trial

We additionally came to know the course of events of Ozymandias’ timeline as we saw that the trial had been continuing for 365 days. From the beginning of season 1 of watchmen, he has been on a different timeline in comparison to what’s going on in the present day.

The Cavalry’s plan

What’s more, we, at last, came to know the cavalry’s plan of catching Dr. Manhattan in a cage and afterward killing him and taking his powers. We recently saw the cavalry, working on some sort of cage however now it’s affirmed that the cage was for Dr. Manhattan. And that the cavalry was, in fact, cyclops, the racist cult from the 1940s.

Dr. Manhattan finally revealed

At the very end of the episode, when Angela returns to her home, she punches her husband’s head with a hammer and pulls out a device from the opening in his skull that was suppressing his powers and afterward we at long last got a look at DR. Manhattan. That is correct Dr. Manhattan was revealed to be Angela Abar’s husband who in one way or another changed the colour of his skin and created a fake body to live with Angela. So this might suggest that when Dr. Manhattan was in Vietnam he fell in love with Angela and wanted to live with her so he took the form of a human.

The latest episode of watchmen was full of turns and twists and now the show has become more interesting. Only 2 episodes are left and as shown in the promo for episode 8, we will get to see Angela’s and Dr. Manhattan’s love story.


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